Building the foundation for a successful career at ActionCOACH with COACH TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM (CTP)

  Participate in COACH TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM (CTP) with exclusive training methods from ActionCOACH – completely different from the traditional training programs, to ensure The future achieves long-term success.

Whether you decide to build your career at ActionCOACH as a Coach, or apply new knowledge to your current business, or focus on personal development, what you gain. from ActionCOACH will help you make a difference.

When conventional methods and approaches produce only short-term results, ActionCOACH’s training program will bring about long-term change. Equip yourself with the tools and skills to maximize your potential, overcome the “self-limiting beliefs” and “fears” you are experiencing, and help people create make choices for yourself.

What is the CTP program?

As a Business Coach, you are helping business owners lead a more fulfilling life. You will give them hope, direction and provide them with the tools and skills to help their customers grow. This is not just a career – it is a career.

But the Coach himself needs support. Excellent Coaches also need excellent training. And COACH TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM (CTP) is the launch pad for the Trainer to achieve success. If you are new to training, the program will give you a solid foundation for success in the fastest way. You will receive training knowledge, learn from successful people in the industry, develop a set of training programs for customers, along with hundreds of tools and references.

If you are already a Coach, the program will help strengthen your skills and knowledge, provide the most up-to-date materials, and gain new knowledge about marketing, development and run your coaching career.


  • Understand the psychology, human potential, changes and changes taking place worldwide
  • Adopt a methodical sales process and tools for Trainers to create BREAKTHROUGH, eliminate old habits and create change in the long term.
  • Help TROUBLE customers by identifying the actual needs and things that are hindering them.
  • More life skills training to help customers clearly identify what they REALLY want, as well as rediscover YOURSELF so they can have a meaningful life.
  • The program provides the Trainer with a DEVELOPMENT THINKING to eliminate self-esteem, to continue towards the goal.

Support the COACH for success

When signing up for COACH TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM(CTP), you will have the opportunity to reach many business owners in all industries, along with references to continue developing the version. Dear.
ActionCOACH wants Trainees to achieve the highest success. Therefore, we provide many of the strategies and tools necessary for New Coaches to build a successful career.

  • More Benefits of the Coach Training Program / Other values ​​that CTP program brings (By Block – 5 words 1 block)
  • Have Fun – Joy
  • Make Friends – Friends
  • Meet New People – Meet new people
  • Perfect Your Elevator Pitch – Move forward on the career ladder
  • Clarify Your Ideal Client – Identify the ideal customers
  • Develop Confidence – Building confidence
  • Become an SGL-Certified Coach – Become a certified Trainer
  • Practical Exercises – Apply knowledge into practice
  • Accelerated Comprehension – Accelerate the learning process
  • Experiential Learning – Learning knowledge goes hand in hand with practice
  • Provides Real-World Practice – Provides practical knowledge
  • Create and Live Into a Compelling Future – Build the future you dream of
  • Workbook to Keep as a Reference – Diverse reference system
  • Affordable High-Level Training – High quality training program at an affordable cost
  • Practice What You Want to Become – Become the person you want to be

The modules

Overview of CTP program


Education program

The training program consists of 3 phases:

  • Phase I: Pre-training (minimum of 1 month)
  • Phase II: CTP Training (7 consecutive days)
  • Phase III: Post-training (3 months)

– Purpose: To help students equip fundamental knowledge and technical terms
in business coaching to prepare for the transformation journey becomes
Future Bank

– Learning content: Students learn to manage time proactively through arranging refunds
into online digital training content with 100 videos and the book “The business coach”
are assessed by the test after each week, with the following overview:

Week 1 –

Week 2 –

Week 3 –

Week 4 –

– Lecturers support: 1 hour 1 hour training session by zoom, conducted by Director of BCA Training


Day 1: – Professional, Effective Trainer Thinking:

Join the Leverage Game with attractive and yet effective and practical Business and Investment Strategies that can be applied in every field.
In particular, players are equipped with a comprehensive knowledge of operating management as well as an understanding of the Profit Ratio of various business sectors.

Day 2 & Day 3:


– Mastering the Team Building Formula, recruiting, training, retaining personnel, improving employee experience from which to provide emotional Customer Service
contact with WOW experience to bring competitive advantage to Enterprises.

– Understand the Financial Management Principles and are equipped with nearly 400 Profit Increase strategies for businesses.

– Master the levers in the business and apply the Measurement Formula in all Management activities (From Money Management, to Human Management and Administration)
System) has proven to be globally effective for all business types and business sizes during the last 25 years of ActionCOACH.

– Be trained in Coaching Techniques, understand yourself in the role of Coach and understand customer behavior style.
To help customers succeed:

– Receive special gifts from the global MasterCOACH for CAREER BIBLES as a BUSINESS TRAINER


Day 4:

– Equipped with knowledge of Marketing, knowledge about the ladder of products and the benefits that ActionCOACH brings to Customers (as the Owner)
Investment / Business Owners) on each product line rich but effective;

– Helping customers to participate with ActionCOACH voluntarily through mastering effective but sophisticated Sales Skills with Formula
13 Ultimate Sales Steps of ActionCOACH World’s No. 1 Business Coaching Organization.

– Practice and Role-Play Practice step by step in the Process, Scenario of the 13 Peak Sales Steps under the supervision and support of

Ask and share about Techniques, Surveying Business and Deal with Sales Challenges.

Day 5:

– Proven Global Business Training Tools for ActionCOACH Professional Trainers;

– The Customer Training Roadmap in a methodical and professional manner;

– Mastering the steps of conducting a training session properly, sufficiently and effectively according to ActionCOACH standards

– Practicing Training and role-playing on each specific situation of the enterprise often encountered;

– FAQ, Sharing Tips and Summary of CTP Program;

– Signing Commitment, Awarding diploma and taking souvenir photos.


Purpose: To help students revise the entire training content to become the Joint Stock Commercial Bank by real activities
It can be applied in practice, such as: self-training on luggage as a training bank according to the training schedule
create, conduct seminars, share learned values ​​for business owners, etc.

Learning content: 1 hour of training through weekly zoom, with the following specific topics

  • Week 1: USP For Coach
  • Week 2: Plan 90 days to become a private bank
  • Week 3: Review 13 steps of Sales
  • Week 4: Alignment + Follow up 13 steps of sales
  • Week 5: Time Mastery
  • Week 6: Products
  • Week 7: DISC (6 Steps seminar)
  • Week 8: USP for Coach
  • Week 9: 90 Day Plan- 90 Day Plan
  • Week 10: Review 13 steps of Sales
  • Week 11: Alignment + Follow up 13 steps of sales
  • Week 12: Time Mastery
  • Week 13: Products

Facilitator: Implemented by Director of BCA Training

Conditions for recruiting business trainers

  1. University degree or higher (Major in economics, finance, business administration, etc. Is an advantage)
  2. 3 to 5 years of experience in training, consulting, corporate governance advisers, business owners, or
    holding management and leadership positions in large enterprises
  3. Reach>…. Scores on the entrance exam include: Management competency test, Training qualification test
  4. Good command of English is a great advantage
  5. Ability to lead, create influence in the collective
  6. Committed, disciplined and constantly learning spirit
  7. Passionate about sharing, contributing to community and society and love to invest in business

Admissions process

Step 1: Submit admission documents at least 3 months before each course

Step 2: Application screening process

Step 3: Submit information to start the Course


  • Program registration application
  • Personal profile (no local agency needed to authenticate);
  • Copy of university diploma (certified and notarized if in Vietnamese);
  • Copy of ID card / Passport (or equivalent substitute);
  • 02 4 × 6 photos (passport type);
  • Certificates of work in equivalent industry (if any)
  • Introducing letter
  • Complete the Coach Test / Business Skill test


TUITION FEES: 8,800 USD (including vat) equivalent…. Is divided into 3 phases

– Booking fee: $ 1,000 usd (not including vat) – After completing the CTP Registration Form, at least 1 month before the course

* The reservation fee is reserved for the following training if students cannot attend the registered training course but
Not refundable if canceled.

– First-time training fee: $ 3500 usd (not including vat) – Minimum of 2 weeks Before the Training Course, Phase I begins

– Phase II training fee: $ 3500 usd (not including vat) – Minimum 2 weeks Before the training – Phase II starts