– Coaching is creating conditions for others to think and help them learn and learn through work.

– Training is often conducted right at the workplace, which can be incorporated into the content of business conversations.

– Training can be done by an outside expert or by a direct manager of the company.

– Training is a great way to help employees apply what they learn from the courses.

– Training is usually the process of exchanging 1 person with 1 person, according to personal needs.


– Training is the teaching of specific skills or knowledge

– Training is often carried out in groups.

– Training sometimes does not have enough time to apply, immediately train skills and knowledge just learned.

– Training is usually provided by an outside consultant or internal training specialist of the company.

– Training is usually organized by class.

– Training sometimes does not have enough time to apply, immediately train skills and knowledge just learned.

Where is Coaching different from Mentoring?

There are some superficial similarities between coaching and mentoring, both of which offer a 1 – 1 form of dialogue towards professional development, but there are still significant differences:


– Training is not necessarily a senior and often does not give advice, or experience; instead he / she asks questions and feedback to enable the respondent to think and self-study to find the solution on his own.

– The coach is usually the manager directly working with the team


– The counselor is usually not necessarily the direct manager of the mentor, but it is possible that someone is willing to share experience guidance when needed.

– A counselor is usually a person who has previous experience, sharing and advising new people with less experience in the same field of work.

What is the difference between Coaching and Consulting?
Again there are similarities between the two forms of Training and Consulting. They are the same in that the exchange is 1 – 1. However, the method and purpose are very different:


– Training is about solving the problem of working efficiency. Coaching is about solving work efficiency problems. Training can begin with goals or aspirations and ambitions. Training often works with successful people or begins to get stuck in work. Training often focuses on the future and develops feasible solutions.

– Counseling and therapy mainly deal with personal issues


– Advice usually starts with the problem. Counselors often work with people who are having difficulties

– Counselors often focus on the past and look for the source of the problem