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CHLOE Dai Xuan Hoa

Business COACH



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DUC Xuan Hoa CHLOE Business COACH of ActionCOACH LOTUS with many years of experience in the profession, she is one of the leading Business Coach at LOTUS Firm, supporting dozens of businesses every year to help businesses bring high efficiency. Business.

NEIL Trinh Quoc Viet

Business COACH

01284 701648


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“I become a business coach because I want to share the success in life, business and finance that I gain through the knowledge from ActionCOACH. I look forward to supporting the training of 1,000 small and medium business owners in Central to help startups have a successful map from the beginning. In order to bring balance, sustainable development and generation transfer so that we can leave a legacy for the generation. ”


  • I am the FIRST global certified business coach in Central Vietnam
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Executive Director of the International Trade Connection Organization in the Central Region
  • More than 15 years working and operating in the audit – finance industry
  • Carry out audits, consultations for almost all different business sectors in Vietnam market
  • Developing and evaluating internal quality control systems in various fields of the company.
  • Training financial management knowledge for small and medium business owners
  • Consulting, building an effective accounting – financial management system


COACH Nguyen Huu Duy

Coach Performance Director



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Trainer information

  • 9 years of experience in operating and managing businesses
  • In the role of Ambassador of BNI Global Business Connection, I support BNI in Khanh Hoa in training and helping more than 30 business owners to use
    tools to connect business, build effective business network development
  • Business coach, business training consultant

I will coach how to help you

  • Outcome: I focused on my efficiency, success
  • Measured by your success.
  • Trust: I build trust with you with integrity and consistency before and after as one.
  • Commitment: I pledge to focus 100% on your goals and assist with your issues.
  • Action: I focus on implementing a real solution effectively, do your job effectively and train you to achieve
  • Great achievements.


Phone number: 0903 235 798


Address: 6th Floor Yersin, P. Phuong Sai, Tp. Nha Trang


Simon Tran Gia Thong

Business COACH

091 3125 545


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A specialist in business for nearly 20 years, Simon Tran Gia Thong understands the problems that a failed business often faces. At the same time, he also knows the methods to run a successful business.

Because Mr. Vu is a person who has held different positions from employees to local and foreign business executives, he is a business coach who improves business efficiency for over 10 years. , MEDIA is the owner of self-founded businesses.

Simon Tran Gia Thong always focuses on delivering true results to his business clients through support, training, consulting, motivational and coaching for small and medium businesses.


RICHARD Nguyen Xuan Thanh

Business COACH



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1. The trainer achieves many results

Richard will help business owners achieve their goals and help them improve their business. His clients will achieve double- or triple-digit growth in sales and profits, and will gain achievements in improving sales, marketing, team training, systems development and strategic planning. Richard helps “versatile bosses” grow into business owners who know how to build teams that value results and make a profit.

This way they can focus on their area of ​​interest. Richard is confident in his ability to help business owners yearn for success. Richard only coaches businesses that he can guarantee results.

2. Talented professionals in the field of business

Richard began helping with the family business at the age of 14. He spent the next several years undertaking various roles. After switching to managing a technical department for a company specializing in the field of decoration, Richard continued to run another business in the field of manufacturing, assembling and executing high-tech decorative products for 6 years. later.

The practical business experience of small businesses combined with the success mark and in running the business makes him an invaluable resource for business owners and senior management.

3. Both handsome and smart

He did not pretend to know everything. As a Richard trainer in the network with over 1,000 business coaches in 46 countries. With an intellectual ability and a bachelor’s degree in engineering, plus over 300 hours of training and a certified business coach, Richard has the skills to break down complex problems into single steps. fake, and own the tools to help customers succeed.

4. A person who loves nature, loves to explore and is a devoted person for the community

Discovering nature and new lands is something Richard loves. Each week he looks at the city at night from one of the peaks in the city.

A community activist, he has served on the executive committee of a chapter in BNI, a business networking organization that trains and helps business owners with networking skills. At BNI he is also one of the thermal volunteers in relief events for people suffering from natural disasters.


LEO Nguyen Du Hoang

Business COACH

092 1887 888

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After many years working in the field of banking finance consulting and building business models in various fields for myself and clients. Leo Nguyen has joined the Asian business coaching team with the desire to accompany Business Owners to achieve their goals and support them to improve their businesses.

With a proven global system, the Actioncoach Coaching Team has helped customers achieve double or triple digit growth for sales and profits, and has achieved many achievements in improving the selling areas. sales, marketing, team training, system development and strategic planning.

Leo Nguyen helps “versatile bosses” grow into business owners who build a team that values ​​results and makes a profit. As a result, they can focus on their area of ​​interest. Leo Nguyen is confident in his ability to help business owners yearn for success. Leo Nguyen only trains businesses that He can gu

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ActionCOACH is a team of committed, positive and successful people who are always striving to be balanced, integral and honest. We will work within our “14 Points of Culture” to make sure that everyone who works with the ActionCOACH team, will benefit greatly and in some way move

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Brad Sugars started the ActionCOACH brand (formerly known as Action International) when he was in his early twenties. Today the company is internationally recognized as the leading global business coaching firm and one of the leading and most awarded franchises in the world today. So how did a twenty-something Australian create this global powerhouse?