After 23 years of development, ActionCOACH has become the world’s leading business coaching brand. With a coaching position (action), ActionCOACH has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses specialize in owning and operating businesses.

Professionalize the ownership and operation of the business

In a conversation with the press, Vic Ciuffetelli – General Director of ActionCOACH worldwide, said: “A fairly common mistake that business owners often make is that anyone can start a business. without accumulating or hone business skills, only need a certain amount of capital. And that is also why 83% of newly established businesses in the world go bankrupt in the first 5 years. The cause of failure is not because business owners lack passion but because they do not spend time learning to improve the capacity, knowledge and skills to run businesses flexibly and adapt quickly to changes. of the market. ”

To associate and support small and medium-sized businesses to develop quickly and sustainably, 23 years ago, founder Brad Sugars created the ActionCOACH business coaching brand with a coaching position. ) is for action, not for theoretical purpose.

It is this difference that affirms ActionCOACH’s leading business training brand with the ability to help business owners maximize productivity, sales and profits.

Over the past 23 years, ActionCOACH has rapidly grown and expanded with more than 1,000 branch offices in 61 countries. ActionCOACH currently trains more than 15,000 business owners every week and is in the top 50 best franchising brands in the world (Franchise Satisfaction Awards) voted by Entrepreneur magazine.

From the ActionCOACH management point of view, owning and operating a business is considered professional work. With a simple, easy-to-understand, effective and effective system of strategies and tools proven by hundreds of thousands of businesses in more than 60 countries around the world, ActionCOACH’s team of business trainers will help business owners run their business with optimal efficiency. ActionCOACH not only trains business owners but also requires them to implement all necessary business strategies to ensure the stable and long-term development of businesses.

Easy to apply, break through and elevate your business

Also according to Vic Ciuffetelli, ActionCOACH is a business coaching model that always tells the truth, upholds the credibility and respects the freedom of customers with the purpose of helping the world prosper through business retraining.

That means ActionCOACH always tells the truth about the current state of the business, always listening and making suggestions based on years of experience training worldwide. At the same time, ActionCOACH also helps businesses build long-term plans, always focus on playing with long-term strategies and especially help connect with thousands of businesses who have participated in coaching around the world.

Mr. Vic Ciuffetelli – General Director of ActionCOACH worldwide

  ActionCOACH’s team of enthusiastic coaches includes managers, marketers, business managers. At the same time, they are also partners, orientators and companions to help businesses make  their dreams come true.

Above all, ActionCOACH directly brings simple but highly effective management tools and tools to support business owners to apply profit growth methods. At the same time, train them how to  run a business more efficiently and save more time. Thereby, business owners can easily apply the knowledge and strategies learned to break through and improve the business.

ActionCOACH officially marks its presence in Vietnam from June 13, 2015. Up to now, ActionCOACH Vietnam has successfully implemented a total of 5 training programs and products that follow Global ActionCOACH standards and expanded the franchise network to 9 companies in Vietnam and ASEAN countries (Thailand). Lan, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar).

ActionCOACH Vietnam is expected to support 10,000 business owners to build systems, develop revenue, increase profits, … Thereby, creating 100,000 jobs for workers in Vietnam.

Contact our business coaches:

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